• A high-tech company dedicated to the research and development of magnetoelectric sensor and control chip technology

    Zhejiang Magtron Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company dedicated to the research and development of magnetoelectric sensing and control chip technology. It serves major basic fields such as new energy vehicles and smart grids, from the development of sensor control chips to the development and production of sensor control modules, to the development of application solutions based on the Internet of Things, to achieve multi-dimensional integrated innovation in the ecological chain.

    Magtron intelligence has achieved a breakthrough in the technical barriers of sensing and control chips, filling the gap in domestic DC leakage sensing and control chips.Compared with foreign chip solutions, Giant magnetic Intelligence has perfect intellectual property rights, and has realized the production and delivery of large-scale products for photovoltaic, power grids, electric vehicles and other industries.

  • The products have passed ISO 9001, IATF16949 and ISO14001 certifications, and meet the IEC/EN standards of the Electrotechnical Commission. At the same time, Giant Magnetic Intelligence has branches in Shanghai, Changsha and Shenzhen, focusing on the design of automotive-grade and industrial-grade digital-analog hybrid integrated circuits to contribute to the development of the automotive industry.

    Luo An, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is the chief scientist of our company. The comprehensive technical support and guidance provided by the academician team helps our company achieve major industrial upgrades in related fields.

    In 2021, Magtron intelligence won the “National-level specialized and Special new Little Giant Enterprise“, and the company's founder Chen Quan won the ”Ten Thousand People Plan Young Top-notch Entrepreneurial Talents“ in Zhejiang Province and the ”Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Elite Award" in Jiaxing City.The B+ round of financing has been completed to contribute core scientific and technological strength to the country's solution of the “stuck neck” problem in related fields.

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Company Culture

  • Values


    The pursuit of continuous innovation

    Cast first-class quality

    Cultivate outstanding talents

    Achieve a better life

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    Guard with "core” to make the world safer!

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    Through continuous multi-dimensional integrated innovation

    Create the ultimate cost-effective product

    Become a contributor to the era of electrical intelligence